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Thank you for taking part in the international conference “Decision Support for Waste Management in the EU” which was held on 11-12 June, 2007 at the Auditorium Maximum of Jagiellonian University in Krakow. 

Within the EU 6th Framework Program for Research, Technology Development and Demonstration, the project “Holistic Assessment of Waste Management Technologies - HOLIWAST successfully developed holistic analysis of available and emerging technologies for effective municipal waste treatment and evaluation of policy instruments for promoting these technologies. Innovative decision-making tool to multidisciplinary (environmental, economic, social) assessment of different municipal waste management technologies, the result of 2 years cooperation of partners from 7 countries (France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Poland) in the HOLIWAST project have been presented during the conference. 


Central Mining Institute (GIG)
, Katowice, Poland 
with support of HOLIWAST project coordinator BRGM (France) and partners.

Conference was funded by the European Commission Directorate General for Research.

Programme and presentations

(all PDF file)

Holiwast Conference preliminary programme
    (283 KB)

International conference and publication of proceedings
   (Deliverable D7.2 - 5 255 KB)

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2007


Registration – Auditorium Maximum, Krupnicza Street, Krakow

Jan Wachowicz, Scientific Secretary of Central Mining Institute (GIG), Poland

Opening of conference
Michał Luty, Vice-President of the Katowice City, Poland


Waste Policy and HOLIWAST
Chairman: Jacek Łączny, GIG, Poland

9.40 EU waste Policy and supported research programmes 
Michele Galatola, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
(251 KB)
10.00 Implementation of EU Waste Policy by local and regional authorities 
Francis Rademaker, ACR, Belgium
(1231 KB)
10.20 Experience of implementation of EU Waste Legislation in Poland
Arkadiuz Dzierzanowski, Ministry of Environment of Poland
(173 KB)
10.40 Coffee break
11.00 Holistic Assessment of Waste Management Technologies - HOLIWAST project
Jacques Villeneuve, BRGM, France - Coordinator
(1 936 KB)

Municipal Waste Management in environmental, economical and social context - case studies
Chairman: Thomas Lindqvist, Lund University IIIEE, Sweden

11.20 Elaboration and implementation of the Regional Waste Management Plans in Latvia
Ruta Bendere, LASA, Latvia
(2 369 KB)
11.45 Target analysis of the waste management of the Moravian-Silesian Region, its economical and social problems
Pavel Santarius, UDMS; Radim Kovarik, FITE a.s., Czech Republic
(4 647 KB)
12.10 Current situation and future trend of solid waste management in Hungary
Zsolt Istvan, Peter Chrabak, BAY-LOGI, Hungary
(209 KB)
12:35 HOLIWAST case studies of waste management systems of: large city, medium size city and rural area (Turin, Katowice, Tollose):  
Case study: Turin
Valentina Caimi, SAPM, Italy
(993 KB)
13.00 Lunch
Poster Session - Hall
14.30 Case study: Katowice
Alina Rejman-Burzyńska, Eugeniusz Jędrysik, GIG, Poland 
(199 KB)
  Case study: Tollose
Ingo Brauer, Ecologic, Germany, Naoko Tojo, IIIEE Lund University, Sweden 
15.00 Preliminary analysis of waste management systems – a simulation approach with AWAST
Jacques Villeneuve, Pascal Michele, Yannick Menard, BRGM, France
(1 210 KB
15.30 Current and emerging waste treatment technologies for biowaste and residual waste
Enzo Favoino, SAPM, Italy
(1 366 KB
16.00 Coffee break
16.20 Future approaches for MSW Management in Europe
Martin Steiner, TBU, Austria
(2 431 KB)
16.50 Stakeholder-based impact assessment
Ingo Braeuer, Alexander Neubauer, Ecologic, Germany 
(168 KB)
17.20 Summary of the first conference day and closing
19.30 Dinner in the Krzysztofory Palace, the Main Market Square 35, Sala Fontany (I Floor )
TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2007

Decision support for municipal waste management
Chairman: Talib Mahdi, Cardiff University, UK

9.30 Application of policy instruments in waste management
Naoko Tojo, IIIEE – Lund University, Sweden 
(184 KB)
10.00 Assessment of environmental efficiency by applying CBA and CEA on the case studies
Roland Fehringer, Vienna University of Technology, Austria 
(341 KB)
10.30 HOLIWAST decision support tool
Bo Weidema, 2.0 LCA Consultants, Denmark
(25 KB)
11.00 Coffee Break
Demonstration of HOLIWAST tools BRGM, 2.0 LCA Consultants - Hall
Poster Session  - Hall
12.00 Information tool EUWAS - European Waste Management Assistant
Jurgis Staniszkis, APINI, Lithuania
(863 KB)
12.30 Panel discussion and summary of the conference
Chairman: Paul Brunner, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
13.20 Closing of conference
13.30 Lunch
  Conference Tour
Tour 1: Technical tour to Waste Treatment Facility, Barycz, Cracow
Tour 2: Visiting of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, UNESCO First World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage


 (All pictures by courtesy of Central Mining Institute, GIG - Poland - Click a picture to see diaporama)

View of Kracow


Tuesday June, 12 - Technical tour to Waste Treatment Facility, Barycz, Cracow

Tuesday June, 12 - Visiting of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, UNESCO First World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage

BRGM - 3, avenue Claude Guillemin - BP 36009 - 45060 Orléans cedex 2 - France.

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